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Perry Desmond-Davies: Studio Vocalist

Kevin Burgess: The Real Place - 2012

I'm honored to work with Kevin Burgess on his new release, "The Real Place"! 

Kevin is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist(guitar, saxophone, piano and more...) who has just completed his second album in as many years. "Put Yourself Out There", his debut release, received rave reviews, and this new project includes a host of great songs as well.

Studio: Wellspring Sound Studios in Acton, MA.

Check out "The Real Place":

Ruthann Baler: "A Peaceful World" - 2010

Vocals for "A Peaceful World", recorded for "Our Finest Gifts",a holiday compilation CD for which all proceeds are donated to the organization Small Can Be Big.


(Recorded at Eric Salt Studios, Watertown, MA)

Sonic Bridge, "American (d)ream" - 2009

Vocals on Celebrity Society, Wall of Shame, Doggie Style, and Potter's Clay.


(Recorded at Humming Lake Studios, Brookline, NH)

Lenn Giatis, "Back Where We Belong" - 2009

Vocals on EP "Back Where We Belong".


(Produced by Bob Meztger; recorded at Belltower Studios, Stoneham, MA)

Navaz: Pure and Simple - 1999

Vocals: "Pray"

This was my first project as a studio vocalist, and it was such a pleasure to work with Navaz' gorgeous music!

(Recorded at The Sound Studio, Amherst, NH)

Ellen Schmidt: "Gentle Hands" - 1999

Vocals on title track, "Gentle Hands".


(Recorded at Humming Lake Studios, Brookline, NH)

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